Give Donations That Help Support Charities

There are many reasons to make donations. People all over the country are in need of many things that they cannot pay for. With the current economic conditions, many people are out of work. Homes have been foreclosed on and families evicted. Children and families in many cities may be going hungry tonight. People with terrible illnesses may be in need of expensive medical attention. Donations to science can allow for much needed research. Anywhere you look, you can probably find someone in need. As you make a donation, the recipient feels good, because they have received much needed aid, and you feel the good vibrations that come from knowing you have helped

There are many charitable organizations that help needy people. This is especially good if one finds it hard to figure out how to help people individually. Donating to an organization is an excellent way to allow your donations to go farther as they combine with other’s donations. People often worry about being taken advantage of, but if you do a little research, you can be assured that the charitable organization you are working with is legitimate. Sometimes the organization you work with depends on the type of donations you wish to make. For instance, if you want to donate food, you will probably work with the local food bank, soup kitchen, or rescue mission. If you have clothing to donate, you may work with organizations such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters who take gently used articles of clothing and resell them at thrift stores.

Another thing that is great to donate is a car. If you are in the market for a newer car and have not yet decided what to do with the old one, you ought to think about donating it to charity. Of course, you could trade it in on the new car and get about half of its value, or you could spend lots of your time trying to sell it on your own, hoping to get a little more than the trade-in value, but just consider the benefits of donating it to a charitable institution.

First, since a vehicle is a big ticket item, you can be assured that it will be a really big help to someone. It might be refurbished and given to a family as their only means of reliable transportation, or it might be sold. If it is sold, the money from that sale will go a long way to provide food or clothing for a family, or school supplies for needy children. It might also go toward medical research or any number of things. A nice side benefit is the hefty tax write-off you will receive for having made the donation. As you can see, when you give donations, you will get good vibrations.

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