Have an Organized Trip – Packing Tips For Worry-Free Travel

Make your vacation run smoother and more enjoyable with these insider tips on how to pack your luggage like a pro.

o Make a list before packing and check off the items as you pack them to avoid leaving behind necessities. (Use the checklist provided below).

o Protected your clothing from dampness if the luggage is transported in the rain by lining the inside top and bottom with a large garbage bag.

o Pack comfortable clothes. Prints and checkered patterns in blended fabrics or knits will hide stains and wrinkle less.

o Pack a mesh laundry bag or extra pillow case for dirty clothing.

o To simplify packing, items that will be used at the same time should be packed together so that each bundle has a purpose. For example, put toothbrush and toothpaste together in a resealable bag; bundle the camera and batteries as a group; combine hairpins and elastics with a comb.

o Pack the clothing items that will be worn first at the top.

o Pack each pair of shoes in a large, clear resealable bag to keep them visible and prevent them from soiling your clothes.

o Save space by tucking socks and underwear inside shoes.

o Wrap clothes in dry cleaning bags to prevent them from wrinkling.

o Before you travel, make two copies of the important information in your passport. Leave one copy with someone at home and pack the other in your carry-on luggage. If your passport is lost or stolen this will make it easier to get a replacement. Treat your passport the same way you do your cash; always keep it in a safe place.

o Put one photocopy of your credit cards/identification in your carry-on and leave another with family back home. Also take a copy of your medical and eyeglass prescriptions.

o Put a return address label (with home/office phone number and/or email) on your cell phone, camera and other electronic equipment to increase the likelihood of having the items returned to you should lose them. This also works great for your child’s favorite teddy bear or doll.

o If your child is going to summer camp, use a permanent marker and write the child’s name on every item.

o Never pack more than you can carry; this will give you the freedom to move around easily and save your back! Use the smallest size luggage you can get away with so items can be packed tightly; that way, things won’t move around.

The handy checklist below can act as a reminder of what to take but may also help you avoid the ‘just in case’ syndrome.

Packing Checklist

o Soap

o Shampoo

o Toothpaste/floss

o Deodorant

o Comb/Brush

o Toothbrush

o Shaver/razor

o Cosmetics/toiletries

o Shorts

o T-shirts

o Jeans

o Jacket/sweater/shawl

o Shoes

o Hat

o Bathing suit and cover up

o Sleepwear

o Undergarments and socks

o Raincoat or poncho and compact umbrella

o Flashlight & extra batteries

o Water bottle

o Insect repellent

o Sunscreen

o Lip balm

o Pre-addressed, pre-stamped postcards for home (or computer labels)

o Medication if required (keep in original prescription or over-the-counter bottles)

o Small first aid kit

o Tissues, travel wipes and hand sanitizer

o Hand cream

o Small sewing kit

o Spare glasses/contacts

o Reading material

o Camera

o Important documents (plane tickets, passport, etc.)

o Cell phone (or you can leave this at home and really get away!)

Now you can begin your vacation with the peace of mind that comes from being organized and prepared. Have a great time!

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