Transportation and Logistics – What is a Freight Class?

Each product that moves by an LTL carrier has a freight class assigned. A single governing body know as the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) determines a product’s freight class. All carriers acknowledge the product’s classification that is assigned by this group, it is virtually the unspoken gospel. The NMFTA will analyze a product’s typical size, value, density and difficulty of transporting that particular type of product. Once they have analyzed the product, they will assign that product a freight class. The freight class will range from 50 to 500. The lower the freight class, the cheaper the cost will be to move the item. Typically items at lower classes will be items that are very dense, easy to transport and will typically have a low per pound value. The higher the freight class, the cost to move the item will be more expensive. Items listed at higher classes will be more bulky, difficult to transport with lower weights and are more valuable.

It is very important that the correct class information be entered into the quoting system to allow customers to receive accurate quotes. A carrier has the right to inspect any item being shipped on their trucks. If a product’s description does not match the class that is shown on the Bill Of Lading. the carrier does have the right to adjust the billing and bill the shipment at a higher freight class. If a carrier adjusts the class and bills the shipper at a higher rate, those additional charges will be passed along to the shipper. Some carriers will also bill additional inspection fees to the shipment, which will also be passed along to the customer as a supplemental bill. Typically a rating system will provide accurate pricing based on the information entered. If the shipment’s class is different than the class that is entered, the amount billed to the shipper will not match the amount they were quoted and can cause issues in collecting the freight charges.

The following are Product examples and their Freight Class:

  • 500 lbs. of bricks- Class 50
  • 500 lbs. of computer towers- Class 100
  • 500 lbs. of Ping-Pong Balls- Class 500

Again, as you can see, the heavier the product the lower the Class rating and thus the shipper will pay a less rate. Freight shipping is not a glamorous industry, but it is a very necessary part of the worlds supply chain, and if utilized the right way a company can save a lot of money.

Renting Transportation in Costa Rica

So, you’ve decided to head down to Costa Rica for a little vacation time. It is a quality destination, but you are going to need some way to get around. That means renting a car, truck or van.

A good trip is all about preparation. To rent a vehicle in Costa Rica, you can just do a search on your favorite search engine and make an online reservation. If you are looking for something a bit more credible, you can look through travel and surf magazines at some of the ads. Since someone had to pay for those ads, you can rest assured that they are a bit more established and credible.

Having done many trips to Costa Rica, I can tell you with authority the best way to really rent a car. The first step is to do nothing. Do not make reservations. The reason is you are never really sure what you are going to end up with at the airport and you are at the mercy of the rental company. That 2008 Toyota Highlander turns out to be a 1978 Toyota Pickup truck with rust holes so big you can read the signs painted on the streets through the floor.

A better approach is to fly into San Jose, the primary city in the country. It is located pretty much smack dab in the middle of the country. This means you can drive to just about any location within three or four hours. In short, it is a perfect hub to start your trip from.

To rent a vehicle, simply go through customs and walk out the exit. There you will be inundated with people trying to rent you vans, trucks, bikes, cars and pretty much anything you can think of. It can be a bit chaotic, but you have the distinct advantage of seeing the merchandise in person if you know what I mean. You have the secondary advantage of renting the vehicle right there and hitting the road immediately. The value of this cannot be understated.

On a trip a few years ago, eight of us flew into San Jose. We walked through customs and came out to find our 2 vans were not in the parking lot. A call to the van company was met by a voice mail recording. We left messages. We sat in the sun. We left more messages. We sat in the heat. After three hours, two of the humblest vans you have ever seen backfired there way into the parking lot. At that point, we were far too tired to care. It was only during the evening as we drove along that we realized the car was full of cockroaches!

Costa Rica is a tremendous vacation destination and I highly recommend you visit the country. Just remember, rent your ride there.

Next Generation Transportation Technology

The big success of the Cash for Clunkers program with consumers proves that many people are eager to trade in their gas dependent cars for next generation transportation technology.

Actually, drivers have been interested for a long time, especially as they watched the price of gas zoom up. The problem was that the new cars were too expensive and not mass-produced. Finally the new cars are on the way and becoming more affordable. The next generation of transportation is here in hydrogen and electric cars.

Hydrogen Cars

Hydrogen cars use hydrogen, one of the elements that create water, to power and propel the vehicle. Technically, hydrogen is an energy carrier not an energy source. It has proven to be good as an electro-mechanical converter in fuel cells, which is one of the methods used to covert hydrogen’s chemical energy into mechanical energy, producing water and electricity. The other method is combustion, and hydrogen is used similarly like gas in traditional gas combustion engines.

Car manufacturers have created several hydrogen cars including the Ford Edge and the GM Sequel. However, it seems that some will be redirecting their efforts to advancing electric car technology. This could be caused by several factors including a prediction that hydrogen cars may not be feasible for another forty years, and also the US government announcing in May 2009 that it is cutting off funding for hydrogen vehicle development.

There are other vehicles that use hydrogen technology, including golf carts, motorcycles, wheelchairs, and bikes, and commuter vehicles like buses, trains, and planes. Probably the most famous hydrogen vehicle is the Space Shuttle, which uses it to propel into space.

Electric Cars

Electric cars were actually popular a long time ago, but by the 30’s gasoline powered cars had become cheaper and faster, and took over the market. Electric cars reappeared as consumers tired of gas prices that kept rising, and looked to electricity.

An electric car is powered with fuel cells and electric motors, which replaces the gas powered engine. The controller runs on rechargeable batteries, and it powers the electric motor. Today these batteries are in packs, but future electric cars will have ultra capacitors which store kinetic energy. These are also called spinning flywheels.

Electric cars may be more expensive at first, but owners should make that up with reduced maintenance costs. They also are more energy efficient. They have lower carbon dioxide emissions, cutting air pollution, and are almost silent, reducing noise pollution.

Many people today drive hybrid cars, which use both gas and electric power. Generally the internal engine is powered by gas, or fossil fuel, and the electric motors are used when the car is at low speeds or idling. They also use a braking technique called regenerative braking to make the car more efficient. One of the best known hybrids today is the Toyota Prius, and the Chevy Volt is scheduled to hit the market soon. With the prices coming down, coupled with governmental incentives, we should see many more electric cars on the highways in the next few years.

The Essence of Transportation Performance

In logistics, it is part of the general framework of any business to determine transportation performance. This will help a company analyze and optimize the problems that are causing delays in the delivery of products and goods. One company needs to ensure that the way the goods are carried to the different market areas are efficient, sustainable, and fast. This includes not only the travel time but the destinations and synchronization of the way the goods are served to various parts of the country or the world.

One of the things that a company should look into when dealing with transportation performance is the existing laws of the country regarding transportation. There are some areas in which trucks are banned from a certain period of time to another. The laws that are affected by social and environmental factors significantly affect any business entity also. In effect, if a certain town or county does not allow trucks to pass through their area, it will be a loss of revenue for the company to take a longer route.

Another thing that companies should be aware of is transportation mobility. There are several movements that advance several principles in terms of human behavior and usage of the road. For more than 15 years now, there are organizations that advocate pollution-free roads, proper road constructions, etc. These movements will significantly impact how goods are delivered. This will include routes that will be closed or roads that will not be available for service to some.

In a different note, there is another way to measure how transportation performs. This is through the measurement of the effectiveness of public transportation, the result of which will also significantly affect the business sector. This normally happens in the freight transportation system, too. In freight, things are studied in a global scale. This is because there are several considerations in relation to freight movement. This includes sea and air traffic and land transportation efficiency. It should be understood that the goal of measuring the efficiency of how transportation occurs is to come up with ways to do away with congestion and overcrowding of vehicles. The plans made for the construction of these roads are always long-term, spanning to more than 50 years.

In this light, logistics management should be viewed in broader terms. The scope of integration and the efficiency of transportation of goods are so vast that one wonders where to start. Although in the present, businesses only base this on the availability of their products in the market shelves, there will certainly be a point in which the product will lose its dependability, if the transportation of the goods is not controlled efficiently.

If a product is sourced miles away from a store, it will take a longer period of time to replenish the stocks. Without an effective and efficient means of transporting these goods, there will be several occurrences of bad customer experience, which will end up in the lack of dependability of the product. It is in this regard that transportation performance is just about as essential as other company targets and metrics.

Fabulous Wedding Transportation

If you are planning a wedding, have you given any thought yet to transportation? How the bride and groom will get from Point A to Point B is not just a logistical question; it is also a matter of style. The mode of transportation that you choose to take you from home to ceremony and ceremony to reception should blend in perfectly with your overall wedding theme.

There are numerous choices for wedding conveyances. You want your transportation to feel as special as the rest of your wedding, so this is not the day to take the subway or drive yourself in your regular car. Part of being a bride (or groom) is being pampered, and you will want to treat yourself to something that feels luxurious.

The traditional transportation for the bride and groom is a limousine. Limos are usually black or white, and can come in a few different sizes. White cars definitely scream “wedding”, whereas black limos are appropriate for any number of special occasions. When determining the size of car to hire, stop and think about who might ride in it besides the bride and groom. Frequently, the bride and all of her bridesmaids will take the limo from home to the ceremony, and after that the bride and groom will want to be alone in the limo. If you and your attendants are wearing gowns with full skirts, be sure that the vehicle will accommodate everyone without crushing or wrinkling the dresses. Sometimes couples will also rent limos to convey their parents rest of the bridal party, but it is not mandatory, so don’t worry if that expense does not fit into your budget.

There are other types of cars that can be hired for the wedding day. A very formal wedding with the groom in black tie and the bride in a fancy gown with ornate wedding jewelry would call for a very special car, like a Bentley. For brides who prefer a more understated elegance, a Town Car is always a nice choice. There has been a trend in recent years towards using huge cars, like stretch Hummers, but with the shift towards greener lifestyles, a giant gas-guzzler is more likely to appall than impress your guests. It is always nicer to err on the side of being less ostentatious.

Certainly your wedding transportation does not have to be a car. A horse and carriage is a lovely way for the bride and groom to travel. Look for someone who specializes in weddings, and will dress the coach with beautiful flowers. A variation on this idea is a horse-drawn sleigh for a winter wedding. This could be perfect for a bride having a winter wonderland themed wedding. She could wear a velvet gown with twinkling crystal wedding jewelry and a dramatic cape. Imagine how cozy it would be to snuggle up with your new husband and ride along to the sound of sleigh bells jingling. It would be like something out of a Bing Crosby song.

There is one form of transportation that is absolutely free, and that is your own two feet. In many parts of Europe, there is a charming custom that involves the bride and groom leading a processional of guests from the ceremony to the reception. The entire group forms a little parade, cheered on by well-wishers. It is a lovely tradition. Since most American guests will be unfamiliar with this type of proceeding, you would want to inform them before the wedding, otherwise they will just get in their cars and drive off. It should be a given that he two locations ought to be close enough together to make it an easy stroll, not a long hike.

With all of the many wedding details to consider, fabulous transportation may not be at the forefront of your mind. Don’t forget about it though, because the bride and groom should certainly travel in style on their wedding day. Take the time to choose a special conveyance that will add to the fun of your big day.

System Performance Measures For Transportation

Several states and nations have already implemented their transportation research. The hardest part is to create an accurate, pertinent, reliable, reproducible, understandable and generally verifiable measure for transportation. This way they can analyze, describe and evaluate the initiatives their government has proposed, planned and implemented to enhance their place’s system performance.

In the transportation measures, there is a need to include different planning strategies such as the management of supply and demand in terms of the transportation, the sustainable transport practices, integration of intermodal elements, programs and hierarchies and the land use of zoning and planning. These approaches are deemed as great concepts. However, even though these notions have already existed for several years now, there are still a lot of problems when it comes to dealing with measures for transportation. One of them is the fact that there has been limited progress on the effectiveness, equity and other initiatives on the planning process.

The transportation measures should be viewed as an opportunity that allows the optimization of the transportation. There have been companies worldwide that already participated in this effort to make an informative discussion about the newest and latest trends in planning for measures for transportation. In order to do this, a certain company should be able to present a clear focus regarding this vital topic so that they can have a productive meeting session. It is all about the presentation of the information so that the participants will be able to apply the new planning measures that are related to transportation and its performance.

In the key transportation indicators, there are six indicators that are commonly used. The first one is the air indicator. The government or the agencies that will observe the transportation will have to consider the direct flights in and out of the country or state. It is also necessary to check the weekday commercial air flights that go out and about the airport. The next indicator is the alternate indicator, which will determine the streets that are currently pedestrian friendly as well as the bike paths ratio in relation to the streets. The total number of bicycle routes should also be checked. Another indicator is the commute indicator, which will calculate the rate of the automobile occupancy and the number of commuters whoa re driving alone. It is also determined here the percentage of the persons who use the different modes of transportation as they go to work every single day.

Infrastructure indicators are those that compute that check the condition of the roads and bridges as well as the public expenditure on the personal transportation. Public transit indicators are also included in the measures for transportation. This will quantify the percentage of the individuals that choose to use the transit instead of the car. In addition, this is used to check the number of minutes of the scheduled routes for the buses. The last one is the vehicle indicator, which calculates the vehicles for every household and the ratio of fuel efficiency.

The Transportation Inspector Job Description

Transportation Inspectors are responsible for inspecting and monitoring transportation equipment and vehicles to make sure that they comply with existing standards and regulations for vehicle safety. In inspecting vehicles, they look for signs of mechanical malfunctions, damage or abuse. They look for broken parts that need to be replaced. They examine each unit and conduct testing with the use of proper diagnostic tools and equipment. After undergoing repairs, they inspect vehicles and equipment to make sure that all repair works required were carried out properly.

Transportation inspectors are in tasked with preparing reports on inspection done and the consequential actions taken as a result of inspection or investigation. They issue notices and make recommendations for corrective actions depending on the results. They actively investigate complaints and reports regarding any violation involving safety standards and regulations. They examine vehicle operating rules, qualification guidelines for operators, and training and testing programs for carriers to make sure they are complying with safety standards and regulations. When carriers request for waiver of federal standards, transportation inspectors investigate and formulate recommendations. They review shipping papers, logs of commercial vehicles, records of drivers and equipment in order to identify any problems or issues, and to make sure that they comply with regulatory requirements. When the need arises, they investigate violations or incidents where there were accidents, delays or failure of equipment or systems. They are responsible for negotiating with authorities to identify and eliminate existing hazards in routes normally taken by vehicles of the carrier. They are also involved in evaluating new packaging methods for hazardous materials, including testing, shipping transporting to make sure that the public is adequately protected.

Medical Transportation Business Names

When it comes to starting a non-emergency medical transportation business it is important that you choose a suitable name. Many entrepreneurs overlook the importance that a name can play in the development of a brand. The right name can help you to make a great first impression on people in your market and it can help you to build long term relationships and reputation.

Don’t make the mistake of leaving this important decision to the last minute like other business owners do. Put some thought into coming up with a great name that will serve your ambulette business well as you develop and grow over the years.

Here are a list of points that you may consider as you go about the process of naming your non-emergency medical transportation business (NEMT business).

Relevance and Professionalism

A great name should be relevant to what your business does. Rather than having something obscure that leaves people guessing, you may as well use the words ‘medical’ and ‘transportation’ in the title. This will immediately communicate to people exactly what it is that you do.

You could even use other words that further define your services. It can be a good idea to avoid getting too specific though as you may change your business model further down the line and cater to a different section of the market.

The qualities that people will look for in a medical transportation business are of course professionalism and reliability. Your name should instill confidence in people and let them know that you are indeed a reliable operation that is committed to running a safe and reliable ambulette service. For this reason, many small business owners use their own surname or first name as a part of their business name.

Be Unique, Original and Memorable

While the word ‘transportation’ will hardly be unique in the industry you can combine it with other words to create something new and original that will stand out. Take a look at what other local non-emergency medical transportation companies have done with their names and make sure that your name clearly distinguishes your business from theirs.

A great name should be memorable. As well as giving people a good first impression it should be easy enough, and catchy enough so that it stands out in their minds over the long term. Create a list of names and then run them by some of your friends and colleagues to find out which ones have a positive impact on them. Ask them about the names again several days later and see which ones they are able to remember.

Legal Considerations

There are also important legal considerations to think about when it comes to choosing a name. You absolutely must ensure that the name that you select is not already in use by another business in the same industry. Run a names search through the database at your county clerks office and do a thorough check online to make sure that your selection will not cause you to encounter legal issues further down the road.

Practical and Functional

Good choices for names will typically be short and practical. A short name is easier to remember and more practical when it comes to using it on business cards or using it to answer the phone. Don’t mess around with words that are difficult to spell or pronounce.

You may also consider a name that works well as an acronym. For example, ‘Sacramento Transportation Services’ could be called STS for short.

Remember that you will want to get a website set up at some point. Before you finalize your choice and register a name for your business you should also snap up any relevant domain names.

Brainstorming for Ideas

To help you come up with some name ideas put a big list of relevant words together. These words could be related to your location, your industry, your market or the services that you offer. You could also come up with words related to reliability and friendliness that describe your service. Emotional sounding words can also have a strong impact.

As well as your own thoughts you can also ask other people for their opinions. Look over some of the names that other medical transportation businesses around the world are using for ideas. Names in use by businesses in the transportation and medical industries may also provide some inspiration.

Some entrepreneurs even hire branding or marketing consultants to help them come up with the right name and brand image before they go into business. It could be a good idea to seek professional help if you really feel that you are not up to this important task.

A Name to Be Proud Of

Perhaps most importantly, the owner of the business has to love its name. You ideally need a name that you can feel proud to be associated with. The right choice should inspire you, help you to focus on developing the business and make you want to work hard to grow your brand name.

Once you have started your business it is not easy to backtrack and make changes to your name. if you do so then you will come up against many expenses relating to alterations to paperwork and printed promotional materials. Changing your business name is one of the best ways to confuse and isolate your customers unless the process is carefully managed.

For the above reasons it is essential that you ensure that you have a great name for your non-emergency medical transportation business right from the start. Give this important decision the time and attention that is deserves.

Boston Airport Transportation

If you are flying to a compacted city of Boston plus you are entirely naïve about the region then you ought to have a Boston Airport Transportation services. After heading to Logan International Airport, located in the East Boston, it will be a hard for you, to locate the commuting source in the fast moving city. Although I can vouch the need of reserved transportation owing to my own experience, hiring airport transportation services is a great relief and soothing initiative after a fatiguing journey.

I agree Boston’s roads are based upon horse and cart paths from the 17th century and even few horse carriages are still found in the city, but gone are the days of horses, you really need to run faster keeping in mind the comfort factor, In-fact, availing such transportation services enable you to reach your destination, appropriately, timely and comfortably. One can choose from incessant list of transport sources, let me name you the popular like Boston Limousine Services, Car Services, Bus Services, etc.

Boston Limousine Services is a marvelous approach to class and sumptuousness; you can experience the beauty of Boston, prolifically and contentedly. It is comparatively under your pocket to get on the lavish wheels of Lincoln Town cars or SUVs at Boston. Limousines are available only by advanced reservation and can be picked from different stands located at each terminal of airport.

Now about the Boston Car Services, hiring such cars let’s you sense the authentic coalition with quality and assured services. Heading for Boston car services is great pick for those who seeks privacy and have a yen for taking up the glimpse of America’s oldest city.

Pondering! Why am I inflicting you a lot, for taking up these services?

In view of the fact that when you are traveling to a new place then convenience is the one aspect which should be considered the most and by means of such services you can get your hands on it, effortlessly. The driver employed by the transport company manages the chore of picking and dropping you to the desired place, undeniably, in one piece, furthermore peacefully. You can indeed trust the services blindly there are no qualms of getting lost in an unfamiliar place. Moreover, comfort is another criterion that necessitates in the entire journey to a foreign place; such issue is also taken care of, so no worries at all.

If fearing about, Budget thing, then stay calm for the reason that these services are comparatively economical even in the eyes of ordinaries. So be it your business tour or a stress escape, signing up the transportation services will be a hassle free expedition from the point of view of money, time and comfort. Be it a group or individual these service offers the strain free outing.

While sitting on the couch you can look out the apposite company via internet, which offers exceptional transportation services, there are numerous corporations available on the web, but for digging up the right one, all you need is a bit of cautiousness. So start probing now and have a trouble free trip to Boston.

Transportation Options for Senior Citizens

For the majority of senior citizens, the once-simple task of getting around eventually becomes a much more challenging task. As vision and other faculties deteriorate with age, driving becomes more dangerous, and eventually driving rights may need to be forfeited completely.

With the option of driving themselves around independently no longer available, there are still a variety of alternatives to help seniors stay active and remain able to get where they need to go.


Carpooling is a system that has been around for a very long time, and for some seniors, this can be a great way to get around. For those who may be living in a retirement community or similar type of arrangement in which neighbors or friends with cars are easy to come by, it may not be a serious problem to depend on carpooling to get around. However, this system does not work for everyone depending on their situation and the destinations they may need to get to.

Public Transportation

Depending on the location, public transportation can be a good option for seniors: it’s generally very cheap, and the rider doesn’t have to depend on friends or family to get around. That being said, not every town has a convenient public transportation system. Also, the physical demands of riding public transportation may be beyond the capabilities of some seniors.


For other seniors, the taxi is the main method of transportation. While taxis are typically very fast and convenient, they also tend to be relatively expensive. A taxi ride here and there may not seem like a lot of money to spend, but for seniors who need to get to and from regular appointments or checkups, these expenses can add up very quickly.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services

In many areas in the country, there are private services that provide non-emergency medical transportation for seniors and others with medical commitments. These services are generally significantly cheaper than taxis, and come with some advantages over the other transportation alternatives. Firstly, these medical transportation providers take their customers from door to door, and the better of them are very punctual. Also, good medical transportation providers will have friendly and professional drivers, clean vans, and overall will work to create very comfortable experiences for their customers. For seniors who may need a ride to a single medical procedure, or those looking for a regular service to get them to and from weekly appointments, non-emergency medical transportation services are likely the best option.