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Transportation in Tacoma Washington

When it comes to transportation and tow truck service in Tacoma this company is the best so far in town. I write this and is not because, I have some deal with them and it is because one time,  I was in trouble on the side of the road and I placed that necessary call during that time and here they were just in time to assist me with their towing service. The experience was superb!!

Now, I would like to write about other modes of transportation that I had experienced in Tacoma. I tried their train and to be honest it is not a bad idea when you are going to Seattle. That way you don’t have to deal with the traffic at all. It gets super crazy with all the traffic going and coming from downtown Seattle.  But, sometimes it gets crowded and at least beats the purpose of not dealing with the traffic and all the crazy drivers in Seattle. I’m not complaining LOL!!

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There is no doubt that this city is an awesome city and the of my favorite parts is that, Seattle has a baseball team and an NFL team. I really enjoy going to the ball park and have a nice beer watching the baseball game and all the great players like Robinson Cano and other.

Then you have the Seattle Seahawks who are awesome as well and their super quaterback who’s playing superb right now and making crazy cash every single year, playing his game that he loves. I wish, I could play sports and make some cash like him!!

But it is all good, I’m happy for him and his team. I can’t wait for the 2016-17 season to start and go to some of those games. Right now the baseball season is about to start and I can’t wait to enjoy some good baseball.

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